10 Common Foods that are Great for Your Teeth

10 Common Foods that are Great for Your Teeth
10 Common Foods that are Great for Your Teeth

We all hear about foods that are bad for your teeth. Sticky sweets and sugar-laden sodas can wreak havoc with your pearly whites. But did you know that there are also foods that are good for your teeth and gums? Here is a list of dentally healthy things to eat.

1. Organic Cheese

Maybe there’s a reason that we “say cheese” when smiling for a picture. With high levels of calcium and phosphate, cheese promotes healthy teeth, balances the oral PH levels and can destroy bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease.

2. Organic Dairy Products

Other than cheese, milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and low in acidity, both positive things for your teeth and gums.

3. Green Tea

This delicious drink is an anti-oxidant soup which prevents plaque from accumulating on your teeth, reducing cavities and bad breath. Just be sure to take it easy on the added sugar and honey!

4. Kiwi

Most fruits are laden with Vitamin C and eating them can give your gums  a good healthy massage as well. Kiwis are exceptionally high in C, which can increase the collagen in your gums and make them stronger.

5. Onions

Sure, raw onions can make your breath pretty smelly. But the sulfur compounds that contribute to temporary bad breath also kill dangerous bacteria that harm our teeth. Brush, floss, and rinse after you eat them to reduce the temporary scent.

6. Celery

Eat plenty of celery. Raw celery massages your gums, can reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth, and can increase the production of healthy saliva.

7. Sesame Seeds

These little wonders can actually scrape plaque from your teeth and are packed with tooth-strengthening calcium.

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8. Sweet Potato

These beauties are loaded with Vitamin A and are especially good for babies whose teeth are developing.

9. Shitake Mushrooms

Believe it or not, these tasty fungi often found in Asian foods contain a type of sugar that prevents plaque from forming on your teeth.

10. Water

There’s a reason why water is called “the gift of life” and you would be hard-pressed to find a healthy food list without it. Dentally speaking, water keeps your mouth hydrated, cleans and rinses your teeth and gums, stimulates saliva production, and can dislodge trapped food particles.

As great as these foods are, there is much more to healthy teeth and gums than loading up on celery, cheese and water. Good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups are still an important part of excellent oral health.

The article was written by Dr. Russell Roderick and originally appeared on aestheticfamilydentistryaz.com