Funny Friday “Status Ideas” for Today

Funny Friday
Funny Friday "Status Ideas" for Today
  1. I hate it when the people who owe me money post about how much they are enjoying their Friday

  2. Its finally Friday! Felt like it took a week to get here!!

  3. Nothing ruins your Friday faster than realizing it’s only Wednesday.

  4. Now taking reservations for midnight kisses on Friday night. Sign up below.

  5. Friday, Yay the weekends here…*BLINK* Monday? WTF?

  6. Thursday doesn’t even count as a day, it’s just the thing that’s blocking friday.

  7. Friday, is that you???????

  8. Friday night… So many innocent beers have no idea what’s coming for ’em.

  9. In addition to Casual Friday, I propose the following: Punch A Coworker Monday, No Pants Tuesday, Drunk At Work Wednesday, and Call In Sick Thursday.

  10. Friday, I’ve tried to see other days and none compare to you, I love you.