Stop Being Your Best and Enjoy Life…

Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life
A lot of times, I hear the phrases “Be your best,” “Live your best life,” “Be the best in everything.” You can buy books and read tons of articles that will “teach” you to be your best (you can check out Optimal Thinking: How to be Your Best Self if you want to employ “the best” attitude).

I think that these mottos create a generation of perfectionists who are highly unsatisfied with everything they have in life because they do not believe that they have reached “the best” status.

What is the problem with being the best?

Well, I can’t say that I am the best I can be. Sometimes I do not look the best, sometimes I do not feel the best, sometimes I do not make the best decisions, sometimes I am not the best mother or wife and sometimes I am not the best friend. Striving to be the best will make me a failure in my own eyes because I cannot live up to the expectations of the “best world.”

Being the best means that you constantly have to climb to the top of a ladder that you have created for yourself. You cannot stop and appreciate the moment as well as you cannot let yourself go down a few steps.

Every day you are hungry for new achievements and new proofs of your “bestness” (being the best in your professional field, earning more money, being the best parent, being the best student, being the best in a competition, having the best house etc.).

After you have achieved all of this you start pushing your own desire for being the best onto people around you (you want the best partner, the best kids, the best parents and the best friends).

When they do not fulfill your expectations you feel like they’ve failed you and that they are not good enough to be around you. This leads to a deep feeling of depression, dissatisfaction with your life, permanent loss of happiness and a 100% imbalance.

For peace of mind, we need to resign as general manager of the universe –Larry Eisenberg, actor

Instead of being the best, I choose to be good in everything I do and this makes my life much more balanced and fulfilling. The motto that I try to follow is “Good is good enough.” I think that this motto can help anybody to live a good life where they can comfortably find their own ZEN.

How do you incorporate the “Good Is Good Enough” principle?

Here are just a few ideas that can get you started and I am sure that you can transform them to fit your life and desires:

  • Set your own standards in life. Do not follow somebody’s else example or vision of life
  • Do not compete with everybody around you
  • Be in touch with yourself
  • Be grateful for what you have (appreciate even the smallest things like a sunny day or a smile on your partner’s face)
  • Look at the big picture. Do not fret about little things like dishes that have not been washed or grass that hasn’t been mowed in a while. What is more important: these details or your general well-being?
  • Do not expect much from others, just be grateful for who they are and for the fact that they are in your life
  • Write a list of expectations of the best you. Analyze this list and decide which of these expectations are really important and will make you happy
  • Do not try to be the best self for somebody else (for your partner, your kids, your friends or colleagues)
  • When the thoughts of “bestness” start chasing you, fight them with loving-kindness meditation

What are your ideas about being the best?

Do you think it is important to be the best, or would you rather be happy and balanced by using the “Good Is Good Enough” principle?

A guest post by Anastasiya Goers from Balance in Me

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